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Yogamani Wedding Celebrant


After many years of Directing a Yoga & Meditation Centre, teaching Yoga & Meditation, facilitating workshops leading and organising retreats globally, Celebrant work is simply an extension of over 40+ years of passion for love & life.

My life began with growing up on a farm and teaching horse-riding. After leaving school I moved into hairdressing and then modelling and the performing arts. Yogic lifestyle has always been at the base of it all, whether it was teaching Yoga, Meditation and Wellness or doing humanitarian service in my community here or abroad, all of this richness, has effortlessly led me to work as a wedding celebrant.

Yes, I am highly trained, experienced and qualified to marry you and your darling. Being appointed under Section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955 by the Department of Internal Affairs as a Registered Marriage Celebrant, I hold a post-graduate Certificate in Celebrant Studies and am a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand. It has been my privilege being invited to become a proud associate of Together journal, Hello May magazine,  My Wedding Guide, Wedding wise and The Bridal Club. Check them out if you wish to learn more!

What makes me unique to other celebrants is my experience, with eastern traditions, but also my life’s path.

Most couples find me because they are looking for someone who is savvy and modern, open-minded, adaptable, professional, innovative, reliable, who listens then enables and assists them in creating the bespoke wedding they have always hoped for.  Sometimes couples are looking for something that is simple or spiritual, yet practical and non-religious. A marriage celebrant who is well spoken, audible and exceptionally well presented. There are many couples who are unsure of where to begin or what’s involved. They simply want a compassionate celebrant who will inspire them, and offer suggestions and ideas and collaborate with them, while enabling them to create a unique wedding of their dreams.

Key elements in my practice are:

  • I only work with one ceremony per day and a maximum of one per week.
  • Punctuality is paramount.
  • Professional in thought, word and deed.
  • Committed to crafting personal, unique ceremonies.
  • Ceremonies presented in confidence, dignity, sincerity, respect, precision, grace and ease.
  • Extensive Wedding resource pack.
  • Every word spoken is pre-approved by my couples.
  • Pricing is all-inclusive.
  • Available for meetings;  in person or online, email and phone.
  • Rehearsal (Optional and advised)
  • Competent assistance with legal process and requirements and paperwork.
  • Dressed in alignment with your style, vibe, and colours.
  • Culturally appropriate.
  • Fun!
  • Open minded.
  • Modern.
  • Reliable, consistent and supportive.
  • So happy to cater to all your visions and style.

With careful planning and a rehearsal (optional yet advised) it is my role to ensure that your ceremony will run exactly as you wish. Leaving your big day running stress-free, relaxed and memorable for all the best reasons.

I am delighted at the possibility of collaborating with you in the future…

With love

Swami Yogamani Saraswati  

Yogamani Specialises in:

Traditional weddings
Contemporary weddings
Same-sex weddings
Cultural fusion ceremonies
Spiritual ceremonies
Bespoke wedding ritual
Micro weddings
Beach weddings

“Yogamani is capable, sincere, organised, creative, innovative, trust worthy, open minded, adaptable, dependable, compassionate and professional.”


Yogamani is the face of the Amulets campaign for jewellery designer Cathy Pope. 

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